Changelog - November 2019

Product Updates and fixes for November 2019

Changelog - November 2019

Runs | Increased the size limit of large run submissions, this would previously fail if submitting a lot of plates with large quantities of aliquot properties.

Compounds | Compounds now support  labels, showing specific tags for compounds, to make it easier to organize your collection

Containers | 5mm NMR tubes are now an available container type

Containers | Single V-bottom microwells have been added as a container type to support multi-tenant occupation of a single container supporting batch runs

Capability | warm_35 is now a valid incubation temperature available to some organizations

Capability | LCMS is an integrated capability available to some alpha testing organizations

Datasets | Support for photography data has been expanded beyond just imaging plates to imaging vials

Compounds | Fixed a number of bugs with the compound details view page

Programs | Fixed an issue where post run programs were not triggering properly some of the time